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Here at First Impression our experts provide design and creative services to real estate agents, investors, and homeowners. When home sales slow down and there are more properties and less buyers, it is time we realize the game has changed! It is now when we create a power team together with the real estate agents and the sellers to stand out against the  competition. We do an excellent job at making sure your listing is one to remember; ensuring your property makes anyone feel welcome and at home, while balancing cozy, old world charm and authenticity, with cool modern trends.

The Staging Process

First Impression Home Staging understands that buyers are viewing multiple properties prior to making their final decision. We are here to ensure your listing stands out from the others.  The furniture and accessories are chosen to take the eye away from any flaws and to enhance the properties features in which  buyers will have your listing at the top of their mind. We make it easy for buyers to visualize resting in the master bedroom on a luxury Bed, relaxing in a master tub reading a book with fresh towels on standby, working in an unforgettable home office, working out in a home gym, or having a weekend get together with friends and family on the outdoor sofa and dinning set.  These details help buyers choose your listing over the many others in today’s market.

We will visit your home, discuss your budget and time frame, while taking measurements, photos and notes. The home stager will look over the property concentrating on issues such as condition, presence of clutter, cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light and use of color and space.

First Impression Home Staging transforms an empty property into an appealing home, one in which buyers feel immediately welcome and encouraged to walk through and absorb each room.  We carefully select individual furnishings, artwork, foliage and lifestyle accessories specific to the property´s needs.

We provide the option of partial staging in which we use furniture that the owner has in the property. Our designers would rearrange the furniture and add accessories to highlight the room’s assets, maximize space and create good flow.

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Installation

We begin each Home Staging project with an initial complementary visit that provides an objective look at the property. After touring the house, we make detailed suggestions on what changes or repairs may need to be made. In addition, timeline, budget, and priorities are also discussed during this consultation. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we send you a contract in order to reserve your dates.  Once we get a signed contract, we begin selecting and reserving furniture and accents for your project.

At First Impression Home Staging we have the unique ability to assess your home environment and deliver a staging ideas and concept that resonates with potential home buyers.

Home staging is about using design appeal for the masses, not just one particular taste or style. Did you know only 10%of buyers can actually visualize a home’s potential?…leaving 90% of buyers thinking…what they see is what they get.

Typically, installation will take place primarily in one day. In larger homes, or if there are any unforeseen delays, two days may be required to complete the installation. We will always communicate with you and/or your real estate agent regarding the progress and if any additional time may be required.

About First Impression Home Staging

Our team has been the trusted staging company for many realtors because of our vast selection of modern, contemporary classic chic, modern farmhouse and eclectic style. As well as our artwork and decorative pieces and rugs selected with a keen eye. Our team has been in business since 2013 and has staged thousands of properties all over the Bay Area. With over 10,000 square feet of inventory let us show you the transformation your space needs to sell faster and for more money.

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